flarglest asked:

Yooo, I'm not trying to be mean but are you sure youre trans.. you just seem genderfluid to me. You dont want to transition and regret it ya know

pretty-grotesque answered:

Well the thing is, I’m both! I’m not transgender but I am transsexual, my gender (non-binary) isn’t changing but my genitalia is. I like having long hair and make-up and skirts and boobs and other traditionally female things but I don’t enjoy having a vagina, I’d rather have a penis. To be trans you don’t have to exactly conform to either of the binary genders, you can be both trans and genderfluid, non-binary, or your set at birth gender. Transgender and transsexual are not the same thing, gender ≠ sex.
Sorry for the incredibly long rambling answer